Monday, 31 October 2011

Item of the Week: ONE by June Knitted Fur Shawl Vest


As fall is closing in on us here in Vancouver, I can't help but notice some of the jackets around town. One of my most recent obsessions are fur vests - I think it's mostly because it looks incredibly warm and it also just so happens to be right on trend. Normally I stray away from wearing vests, as they remind me of when I was a kid being forced to wear bright polyester vests under my already massive jacket during prairie winters. However, since that was a long time ago, I've managed to overcome my fear of vests and have embraced the undeniable chicness about them.

This week's item encompasses everything that fall and the beginnings of winter should be: warm, cozy, and of course, on trend. This vest is part of the ONE by Collection by Shopbop and is definitely a must for the cold weather approaching. What I love about this item is how easy it is to wear - it's also a great way to avoid wearing huge sweaters that look like they belong to your dad. The collar is big, so it lets the vest drape so that the placket stays open and this gives it a bit of a casual feel. So, does this vest meet all the requirements? Warm: check. Cozy: check. Chic: check. Not a hideous polyester neon pink: check. Looks like a flying colours pass to me (no pun intended).

If only I had an excuse to "need" to buy this for my next skiing trip. Maybe I should learn how to ski first - anyone want to teach me?

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Some Secrets Are Worth Sharing: Lolita's

Vancouver has so many great little secrets - most of which should be shared with others. Whether it's shopping, food, coffee, home decor, bloggers, desserts and anything else you could imagine, Vancouver has it all!

One of my favourite places to go for food in Vancouver is Lolita's (1326 Davie Street). Over the summer, a close girlfriend and I were wandering along Davie Street debating where we wanted to grab a couple drinks and something to nibble on. After about an hour of wandering, After being incredibly indecisive, we decided that Lolita's looked like the perfect option. We were curious about the place since it's so close to where we normally go, but neither of us had never been before. Turns out we were right - it was perfect! They have amazing Sangria (both red & white) and my favourite snack "Tres Salsas," which is three salsas (made in-house, of course) served with tortilla chips dusted in chili powder. Yum! I highly recommend taking a peak at their menu and trying it for yourself. Plus, their super friendly staff make it that much more fun. What are your favourite secrets in your city? xo

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Weekend! Yay! So far my weekend has been great and has been keeping me reasonably busy, but I managed to find a little bit of time to browse some of my favourite blogs. I found this on the Kate Spade tumblr page and thought it was too much fun (I think I need a print version for my new place).

I am looking forward to finally being home after a trip to Toronto this week for work and will be enjoying the comforts of my new place. About 2 months ago, I decided to make some massive changes and have moved out of my downtown apartment. Me and boyfriend are no longer living together and have decided it's best to move on from our relationship. Luckily, both of us are happy with the decision and I absolutely love my new place. My room alone is a decent size and my closet couldn't be better. I am excited to add some final touches and share some photos of what I've been up to.

I hope you all have a great Halloween weekend! xo

Monday, 24 October 2011

Item of the Week: H&M Polo-Neck Sweater

The simple pleasures of fall are what makes this time of year my favourite. Besides the fall colours and Pumpkin Spice lattes, there's nothing better than layers, being cozy, and still pulling off a look with grace, while avoiding frumpy-ness altogether. A few of my favourite items consist of my tweed jacket, my boots, cozy knee-high socks, and of course, my sweaters. 

H&M is always an inexpensive way to stock up on some of the top trends without feeling too guilty. I personally love bulky knits this time of year - creams especially - since they are easy to pair with a ton of different items. I love this sweater on the simple fact that it's warm, cute and I can wear it with leggings, tights, or knee-high socks - all of which go nicely with a pair of boots. There's not too much detailing, which makes the knit that much more fun to wear. It's beginning to feel a lot like... fall (don't say the "W" word too soon)! And I couldn't be happier. Do you have any items that keep you cozy over fall? xo

H&M $24.95

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Item of the Week: Karen Zambos Talia Dress

This week's item is something special. Since fall is in full force, there seems to be a lot of events and award shows going on. This, of course, means dresses of all sorts. But not just any kind of dresses, I mean dresses that have a little extra glitz, drama, and glamour (another BIG reason I love fall so much).

With that being said, I was extra delighted when I saw this dress on cupcakes and cashmere. The cut of the dress is quite simple and has a really nice vintage feel to it. I absolutely adore the creamy white body and the black accent around the collar that travels to the back. However, it's the low-cut, jeweled back that gives this basic dress such a stunning twist (yes, again with the basics and a little twist). Emily, from cupcakes and cashmere, paired this dress perfectly with her hair up and simple jeweled earrings. I couldn't agree more with how she wore this (check out the rest of her photos here).

psst - I have a few Q&As coming up! BeautyMark has been ever so kind to answer some great questions, so stay tuned!

Friday, 14 October 2011

TGIF: Short Week Means Hard Work

Friday! This week has been crazy - as usual. My new job has been really exciting and keeping me on my toes! However, I am so glad that the short week is JUST about over. As much as I love a short week, it feels like we have that much less time to get things done (hence the music choice down below - it's been on repeat for the past 3 weeks).

In happier news, the new apartment is finally all unpacked. And by apartment, I mean a new suite with 2 new girls. I've managed to almost pack up an entire apartment (minus large furnishings) and lug it over to a smaller place - AND IT FITS! I also got rid of an entire HUGE box of clothes and my closet is a lot bigger than the old place. Yay for space!!

This weekend I have my aunt & uncle coming from the island and they are always a lot of fun. So far we have a few things planned including: Dinner, a play at The Arts Club Theatre, and a very important walk to support the people who have survived leukemia & lymphoma.

Of course, I am hoping to squeeze in baking a cake and prepping for a mini photo shoot with a friend that is happening next week (details to come)! Got anything planned over the next couple days?! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo


psst - How about a chocolate almond cake for the next recipe

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Mini Confession That Has Yet to Pass

Ahhh... So I have decided to make a small confession...

I love Kate Middleton. I knnnnoooow every other blog has gone over in great detail about her style and more importantly, her hair (and quite some time ago). But, I really wanted to share an article I found on how to get "Princess-Worthy" hair. Since I know Princess-hood is not in my near future -  although I'm thinking in my next life I will be wearing a crown from birth - why not have the most wanted royal locks in the meantime? On top of that, it's fall... being brunette has never looked better (I'm only half kidding).

Kate's hair is perfect. Every time. I was browsing through TLC's "My Strange Addiction" synopses (don't ask, there's no connection here), and it recommended I take a look at Kate. So I did. After looking through the pictures, I found this link explaining "10 Ways to Get Princess-Worthy Hair on a Budget".

Yup. Us regular folks can also have Princess hair without giving-up an arm and a leg.

#10: Trim often. It will keep your hair looking healthy, no split ends, or stringy-dry bits.
#9:   Add layers. The more subtle, the better. it'll give your hair bounce and texture.
#8:   Easy on the washing. Really. Don't overdo it. It'll dry your hair out. Ick.
#7:   Go virgin. Do not use alcohol on your hair. Not good!
#6:   Invest in ingredients. Repeat after me... Proteins and Silicone. Body and Smoothness.
#5:   Treat with heat. Use a deep conditioner & sit under a dryer the next time your at a salon.
#4:   Upgrade your brush. Plastic stretches & breaks hair. Use a natural one, helps with frizzies.
#3:   Round it out. A natural round brush helps hair look sleek and straight. Use these steps.
#2:   Do some ironing. Pull out the curling iron & some product if you need a little help.
#1:   Go Pro! I would recommend Vancouver's Blo. It's fast, easy, girly, and costs about $35.

Easy peazy!!!

Here are some key products that can help ease your way to Princess-Perfect Hair...

MoroccanOil Restorative Hair Mask: MoroccanOil is an amazing hair care line. They have a bunch of shampoos and conditioners, but more importantly, they have a great intensive conditioner that really helps dry brittle hair. I use the Restorative version and it really helps hydrate your hair and give it that sleek look. There is also the Intensive Hydrating Mask as well (chat with your stylist about which would be better for your hair)

Kevin Murphy Smoothing Brush: Ama-zzzziiing! Looking to make that more than necessary switch from plastic bristles to boar bristles? Well, this brush is perfect for everyday use! You will defs notice the difference!
dannyco Large Boar Oak Circular Brush: This brush is perfect for round brushing. In fact, the beauty editor herself, suggested it when I asked her in a tweet back in August. Remember, no fake plastic crap.

Bumble and bumble Straight & Defrizz: I loooove these two products and they work wonders. Both are silicone based and easy to use. After a shower, use a small amount of Straight and distribute evenly throughout your hair. Then using a round brush, blow dry hair and style. Once you are done, use a tiny amount of the Defrizz to keep hair smooth and sleek.

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Item of the Week: Zara's Studio Blazer with Sequins

Mini confession: I have developed a thing for sequins over the past little bit. So when I was taking a peak at Zara's website, it was only necessary to post this jacket as this week's item. Fall brings out a lot of fabulous items and this is no exception. Since fall has started a little early and it hasn't been the nicest weather here in Vancouver (surprise!), sequins are a peeeeerfect way to add a little extra something when our weather is so grey - I feel like I'm starting to sound redundant about our weather...

Besides the sequins, I love the length and cut. I like a good short jacket, but this boy-ish cut makes any outfit a little more casual and little less fitted. The nice mix of casual meets sparkles makes this easy to wear with something as basic as a pair of dark denim jeans, pumps, and a basic silk tank. Ahh... I love basics with a twist!
Zara $199